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Churchill Tours

Churchill Tours

As a long-standing volunteer at Chartwell, let me share my interest for all things Sir Winston Churchill.

This British Statesman enjoyed a distinguished, varied but sometimes controversial career full of both triumph and tragedy.

Chartwell Day

Churchill once said, ‘a day away from Chartwell is a day wasted’.

Chartwell, for over 40 years the country residence of Churchill, is laid out with personal memorabilia presented to show how it was lived in during its heyday of the 1920’s and1930’s.  See the study where Sir Winston worked on his many books, the dining room which hosted many a dinner party and the delightful drawing room. There are strong reminders throughout, both of Churchill’s position as wartime Prime Minister and his long and fascinating life.

On to the studio, housing the largest collection of Sir Winston’s paintings and the grounds including the Rose Garden, Golden Orfe ponds and views of the Kentish Weald from the terraces.

Nearby is Westerham, where a statue of Churchill sits proudly on the village green, close to the family home of General Wolfe, Quebec House.

Close by too is Hever Castle, childhood home to Ann Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. This moated castle surrounded by stunning gardens was heavily restored by the Astor family in the early 1900’s and Churchill was one of many famous guests.

IMG_0838 Churchill 3Churchill in London

We explore where Churchill lived, worked, spoke, dined and even married in London. Churchill War Rooms and Churchill Museum is a must.  It’s where Churchill said, ‘this is the room from which I will direct the war’. There is so much to see in the labyrinth of rooms and corridors that take you back to the dark days of the 1940’s. After we can visit Westminster, Downing Street, Parliament Square and St Margaret’s with close Churchill connections. So many  places in central London associated with Churchill,  even where he bought his cigars and shirts. Perhaps have lunch in the Churchill Arms pub.




Near Oxford lies the Palace where Churchill was born, Blenheim. A sumptuous Palace with grounds and gardens to match this is a great day out. We can immerse ourselves in the history of the Churchill family and include a visit to nearby Bladon where the Churchill burial plot can be found.

IMG_0464 Blenheim 2